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2015 Educator of Excellence

Congratulations to the recipient of the 2015 Post-Secondary Teacher of Excellence, Dr. Sabine Smith, a professor of German at Kennesaw State Univeristy in Georgia. Dr. Smith was selected as this year's recipient on the basis of her excellent teaching portfolio and letters of recommendation. Click here to see a list of previous recipients as well as a nomination form. Please note that no one received the award in 2016.

"It is with humility and gratefulness that I accept this prestigious award, - and I do so in recognition and celebration of my many mentors, colleagues, and students who have taught me over the years. As a non-native speaker of English who came to this country driven by a passion for learning and as the only one in my family to have immigrated to the US and to hold a graduate degree, I am but one example of the bountiful opportunities afforded those who choose education. Rounding out my 30th year of teaching, I still look joyfully forward to work every day, eager to share my love for learning, and grateful to the diverse constituencies I serve. To join the group of distinguished educators honored by this award is a privilege indeed. If my colleagues' amazing talent and professional dedication have inspired me throughout the years, may this award serve to encourage and reassure others in pursuit of education as a career. Thank you, SCOLT, for your ongoing support!" - Dr. Sabine Smith

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